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The Nursing program prepares individuals to become registered nurses. The associate degree nurse is a generalist whose practice encompasses the interrelated roles of care provider, manager of care, and a member of the comprehensive healthcare team. Core components, which are elements essential to the work of the entry-level registered nurse and inherent in the three roles of nursing practice include Professional Behaviors, Communication, Assessment, Clinical Decision Making, Caring Interventions, Teaching and Learning, Collaboration, and Managing Care. The professional codes of conduct and the demonstration to commitment for continuous learning and self-development are interrelated throughout the program.

Application Procedure and Admission Requirements
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Typical Program of Study
Pre-Nursing Courses
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Course No.                    Course Title                                                 
BIOL 2010                      Anatomy and Physiology I (credits-4)                                 
BIOL 2020                      Anatomy and Physiology II  (credits-4)                                       
ENGL 1010                     Composition I  (credits-3)                                                         
MATH 1530                    Probability and Statistics  (credits-3)                                        

*Computer Competency/Proficiency Requirement

Semester I - Fall       
BIOL 1230                     Introduction to Microbiology  (credits-4)                                     
NURS 1100                    Nursing Concepts, Skills, and Processes  (credits-6)                     
NURS 1200                    Pharmacology  (credits-3)                                                          

Semester II - Spring
NURS 2000                    Nursing Process I  (credits-10)                                                    
PSYC 1310                    General Psychology  (credits-3)                                                  

Semester III - Fall     
NURS 2200                    Nursing Process II  (credits-10)                                                   
SPCH 1300                    Speech Communication (credits-3)                                           

Semester IV - Spring        
Elective                        Humanities/Fine Arts (credits-3)                                          
NURS 2400                    Nursing Process III  (credits-5)                                                   
NURS 2600                    Nursing Process IV  (credits-4)                                                   
Total Credit Hours - 65                                                                               

* Computer Competency/Proficiency Requirement can be met by successful completion
of CSCI 1100: Concepts of Computer Applications or receiving Credit by Examination.

Typical Job Opportunities
The associate of applied science degree in Nursing offers a lifetime of career opportunities. Employment in hospital settings, extended care facilities, public/community health, and ambulatory care are just a few career options available. Graduates may also choose nursing education within schools or community centers or enter a more specialized field such as physicians' offices or emergency departments.

Five-Year Projected Job Increase Rate

Average Salary*

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