NORSTAR Online Registration System

NORSTAR Online Registration System
The NORSTAR system* allows you to register for classes using the Internet (www.northeaststate.edu).

Logging on to NORSTAR is easy - your student identification number is your Social Security number/student ID, and your personal identification number (PIN) is the month, day, and year of your birth. (Example: March 8, 1970, would be 030870) NOTE: You should change your PIN to another number during your initial login on NORSTAR to ensure the security of your records. You are responsible for the security and use of NORSTAR and this access to your student records.

You register for courses by using the five-digit course call number printed beside each course in the schedule. Students with less than 30 credit hours need to secure advisor approval before registering on NORSTAR.

If you have questions about using NORSTAR, call the Admissions and Records Office at 423.323.0253 or E-mail: admissions@NortheastState.edu. If you have questions about the classes you should take, call Enrollment Services at 423.323.0229 or E-mail: collegeanswers@NortheastState.edu Or the Student Success Center at 423.323.0214 or E-mail: advising@NortheastState.edu.

How to Register Using the Web
1. Click here to access NORSTAR.
2. Click "Enter Secure Area"
3. Type in your Social Security number or your College ID
4. Type in your PIN
5. Click "Student and Financial Aid"
6. Click "Registration"
7. Click "Add or Drop Classes"
8. Choose the term for which you want to register and click "Submit"
9. Click on "Class Search" to look for the course offerings (if you already know the CRN for the classes you want simply enter the five digit CRN)
10. Choose the subject and type in the course number you want to look for (ex. ENGL 1010)
11. Click "Class Search"
12. Click the select box beside the CRN of the course you want and then Click "Register" at the bottom of the screen
13. Click "Registration Fee Assessment" which is located at the bottom of the screen, for your semester bill
14. Click "Student Detail Schedule" or "Week at a Glance" to view your schedule.