Dental Assisting AAS

Allied Health
Dental Assisting
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

Program Description
The Dental Assisting program provides the general education core, program specific courses, and the clinical practicum to prepare students for a career as a dental assistant. The knowledge and skills acquired within the classroom and laboratory setting enhances the learning opportunities for the Dental Assistant student.

The Dental Assisting program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Education of the American Dental Association.

Application Procedure
A student desiring to pursue the associate of applied science degree in Allied Health with concentration in Dental Assisting must:
1. Apply, meet the general admission requirements and be accepted by Northeast State Technical Community College.
2. Indicate Allied Health - Concentration: Dental Assisting as the desired major on the Northeast State application form.
3. See a faculty advisor from the Health-Related Professions area prior to registering for classes and obtain faculty approval to register.
Dental Assisting Program Enrollment Requirements

The Dental Assisting program has specific criteria and admission to Northeast State does not guarantee admission to this program. A student desiring enrollment in the Dental Assisting program should contact the Health-Related Professions Division office at 423.323.0238.

Typical Program of Study
General Education Courses
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Title                              Course Title                                                              
BIOL 2010                     Anatomy and Physiology I (credits-4)                                             
BIOL 2020                     Anatomy and Physiology II (credits-4)                                                           
ENGL 1010                    Composition I (credits-3)                                                                   
HRPR 1000                    Introduction to Health-Related Professions (credits-3)                          
HRPR 1100                    Medical Terminology for Health-Related Professions (credits-3)            
MATH 1530                    Probability & Statistics (credits-3)                                                      
PSYC 1310                    General Psychology (credits-3)                                                            
SPCH 1300                    Speech Communication (credits-3)                                                      
Elective                        Humanities/Fine Arts (credits-3)                                                         

Semester l-Fall
DAST 1010                    Orientation to Dental Assisting (credits-1)                                       
DAST 1030                    Dental Materials (credits-4)                                                                
DAST 1110                    Chairside Assisting I (credits-4)                                                           
DAST 1220                    Dental Radiology I (credits-4)                                                             
DAST 1310                    Dental Science I (credits-3)                                                                 

Semester ll-Spring
DAST 1120                    Chairside Assisting II (credits-4)                                                         
DAST 1210                    Preventive Dentistry (credits-3)                                                           
DAST 1230                    Dental Radiology II (credits-2)                                                         
DAST 1320                    Dental Science II (credits-3)                                                                
DAST 1410                    Clinical Practicum I (credits-1)                                                         

Semester lll-Summer
DAST 1020                    Dental Office Management (credits-3)                                                  
DAST 1420                    Clinical Practicum II (credits-2)                                                            
Total Credit Hours - 66                                                                                           

Additional courses may be required to overcome deficiencies in English, mathematics, and reading.
Typical Job Opportunities
Dental Assistants may be employed in private dental offices, group practice, veteran hospitals, health departments, hospitals, clinics, armed services, sales, computer training and education. The Dental Assistant's duties include office duties, patient care, and laboratory work making casts and impressions.

Five-Year Projected Job Increase Rate

Beginning Salary Range*

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For Further Information Contact:
Paulette Yelton, CDA, MPA
Program Director/Associate Professor
Telephone:  423.354.5501
Fax:            423.245.5930
E-mail: pkyelton@NortheastState.edu

Donald S. Coleman
Dean, Health-Related Professions
Telephone:  423.323.0238
Fax:            423.245.5930
E-mail: dscoleman@NortheastState.edu